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  • Experiential Education

    Experiential Education, a requirement for all undergraduates, enables students to link classroom academics with real-world experiences. As part of Ex Ed, students participate in valuable learning and educational opportunities; this can include cooperative education, service learning, and study abroad semesters in London, Florence, Cadiz, or Sydney.

    Experiential Education for English Majors

    Experiential education offers you the opportunity to integrate and expand your skills as critical thinker and proficient writer and reader; bring your knowledge and ethical judgment to bear upon life situations; gain experience and develop field-related competencies; improve your ability to learn in a self-directed and self-reflective manner; enhance your understanding of different professional environments and explore career options, and reflect on personal and professional development.

    In the past, English majors secured Experiential Education placements with Random House, St. Martin's Press, The Strand Theatre in Lakewood, Monmouth County SPCA, Family Promise of Monmouth County, Long Branch Public Library, and the National Geographic Society.

    There are several types of Ex Ed opportunities available to English majors:

    Cooperative Education - Work in an academically/career relevant position (as paid or unpaid intern or job-"shadower") under the direction of a faculty member (sponsor).

    Service Learning - Work with a non-profit organization to apply what you learn in the classroom to projects that meet community needs. Complete related academic assignments under the direction of a faculty sponsor.

    Experiential Education classes - Any class with the designation "course type: EX." The Department of English offers EN 384: Language and Community (Course Description: Students will learn theories and best practices of tutoring and will apply them in literacy activities in community settings. Will convene in three chronological formats: training of how to tutor, internship hours, and reflection on application of tutoring theories in the internship hours.)

    Study Abroad - A semester or summer program in London, Sydney, Cadiz, or Florence, or an international experience approved by the University. Please contact the Study Abroad Office for more information.

    English/Education majors satisfy the Ex Ed requirement through student teaching.

    Find out more information on ways to fulfill your Experiential Education requirement and answers to frequently asked questions.

    Getting started

    For students fulfilling Ex Ed other than through Ex Ed courses:

    • Consult the Ex Ed database for potential placement.
    • Consult,, and for additional opportunities.
    • Meet with Dr. Mihaela Moscaliuc, Career Advising Mentor, to discuss options and strategies.
    • Once you secure placement, request from your employer/field supervisor a letter (on company letterhead) that provides a job description and outlines your responsibilities during the fulfillment of Experiential Education.
    • Secure a faculty sponsor and meet with him/her to discuss objectives and goals and to set up a schedule for meetings, assignments, and assessment. Provide your faculty sponsor with a pdf file of the employer/field supervisor letter.
    • Fill out the Learning Objectives form, e-mail it as a pdf file to the faculty sponsor, and meet with him/her to complete registration paperwork. You may register for 1-3 credits, depending on internship requirements and/or academic needs. For each credit you will need to complete 50 hours on site.
      • Note: During the Fall/Spring Semesters credits in excess of 18 will incur additional tuition; tuition for summer sessions are charged per registered credit; registration in excess of 18 credits requires approval of the Department Chair; registration in excess of 21 credits requires approval of the School Dean.
    • Upon completing the Experiential Education on site, ask the employer/supervisor to complete the Student Evaluation form and send it directly to the faculty sponsor. Confirm with the faculty sponsor that she/he has received the evaluation.

    For faculty:

    • Faculty sponsors function as facilitators and mentors and are responsible for supervising the academic component of the experiential education.
    • Meet with the student prior to starting the work experience to develop learning objectives, set up assignments and strategies for monitoring progress, and complete the registration process. The student needs to provide you with a letter from the employer (on company letterhead) that provides a job description and outlines student's responsibilities during the fulfillment of Experiential Education.
    • Initiate the registration by filling out the Experiential Education form in Web Advisor (under e-Forms, Advisors 6). Info you will need: student's ID number, number of registered credits before Ex. Ed application, course requirements/assignments, basis for grading (ex., assignments and supervisor's evaluation), and interview/meeting dates. You will need to attach, as pdf files, the letter from the student's employer and the Learning Outcomes form.
    • During the experiential work period, meet the student periodically to ensure that the learning objectives are being accomplished.
    • Once the student completes the on-site experiential education, you should receive from employer/supervisor an evaluation of the student's performance.
    • Provide the student with an opportunity (in the form of questionnaire or other final assignment) to evaluate the work site.
    • At the end of the semester, you will need to submit a final grade. Please consider student performance on the academic components, the student self-evaluation, and the supervisor's evaluation of the student.
    • Please submit pdf files of the supervisor's evaluation and the student's site evaluation to Mihaela Moscaliuc (

    For more information on fulfilling the Ex Ed requirement as an English major, please check out the following resources:

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    • Ex Ed Application: Available as an advisor-initiated e-Form from WebAdvisor. Please contact your advisor for assistance.