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AR 321 - Painting III

The development of the student as a painter, with emphasis on the philosophy of painting. Six hours of studio per week. Prerequisites: AR-221 and AR-222.

AR 325 - Writing Supplement for Art and Design

The writing component for co-registered studio classes which integrates a fifteen-page research paper. Emphasis is placed on the quality of writing and research. Prerequisites: EN-101 and EN-102 or permission of the instructor. Corequisite: A 200-, 300-, or 400-level studio course.

AR 335 - BFA Internship/Seminar

Internship experience with the development of occupational or professional competence in the career setting. Combines both internship work experience at an approved work location with a structured seminar class. The seminar component of this course will also guide students through the process of resume writing, interviewing techniques, and best business practice. On-site design or animation work internship (fifteen to twenty hours per week for a total of 150 hours) plus four, three hour seminar sessions with faculty. This course may be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite: AR-371 or AR-393.

AR 349 - Asian Art Survey

Important Artistic Monuments from India, China and Japan. Since Buddhism is a connecting link for Asian cultures, emphasis is placed on Buddhist art. Prerequisites: EN-101 and EN-102 or permission of the instructor.

AR 352 - Methods of Teaching Art II

The history and philosophy of art education; the construction of art curricula and the exploration of teaching methods; media and tools appropriate for the educational level. Methods II deals with the needs of the adolescent. The course includes research-based pedagogical strategies for teaching linguistically diverse students, those with diverse learning needs, incorporating instructional technology into the classroom and utilizing data to inform instruction. Clinical Experience hours required. Open to Art majors only. Also listed as ED-352. Prerequisite: AR-351 or ED-351. Open to Art and Education majors only. Also listed as ED-352. Prerequisite: AR-351 or ED-351.

AR 353 - Digital Photography III

A strong foundation in the technical and aesthetic aspects of color photography through projects utilizing digital RAW files and analog negatives with instruction in color printing and studio lighting as it pertains to the nuances of color. Discussions and critical writings focus on the history and theory of color photography. Combines analog and digital techniques and focuses on more advanced file managing and color control both on the monitor and in the print. Prerequisites: AR-253 and AR-313.

AR 370 - Advanced Typography

Revisits the history, anatomy, classification, construction and use of type discussed in AR-287, Typography, but with greater emphasis on theory. Advanced Typography will also consider the emotional, expressive, and connotative aspects of letterforms and their organization. Possible applications could include environmental signage, sculptural installations and/or film. Prerequisite: AR-287.

AR 371 - Graphic Design Studio III

Marks the transition from graphic design fundamentals to more complex visual problem solving. Projects focus on corporate identity and branding, including client research, design briefs, creative exploration and implementation. Other projects include multi-page magazine and poster design. Professional preparation of work for commercial use is an integral part of this course. Prerequisites: AR-269, AR-270.

AR 374 - Digital Imaging

Advanced concepts and creative techniques in digital imaging using Adobe Photoshop. Projects build on all previously learned software, specifically the Adobe Creative Suite. Assignments will include aspects of fine art and large format printing along with issues relating to the professional printing industry. Prerequisite: AR-273.

AR 382 - Print: Lithography and Silkscreening

Introduction to the printmaking techniques of aluminum plate lithography and Photo Silkscreen, with an emphasis on multiple color and combination Litho/Silkscreen hybrid prints. Six hours per week. Department Chair approval for non-art majors is required. Prerequisites: AR-191 and AR-192.

AR 384 - Web Design/Interactive II

An advanced class in web design and production. It extends the design principles of the previous web development class, Web Design: Static. Students will focus on interactive, dynamic web content using Macromedia FLASH and streaming audio/video files on the Internet. Prerequisite: AR-383.

AR 385 - 2D Animation

Students will be exposed to the fundamental terminology, concepts, and techniques of creating 2D animations to broaden their skills as animators and enhance their overall creative ability. Using pencil and paper in conjunction with computer based techniques, students will gain experience in basic principles of animation including timing, expression of emotion, straight ahead action and pose to pose, key frames and in-betweens. In the assigned projects for this course, students are responsible for controlling and manipulating a subject's perceived volume, weight, proportion, and movement, thus gaining a more thorough understanding of the animation process. Prerequisite: AR-374.

AR 387 - 3-D Character Rigging and Animation

Students will learn advanced techniques of 3D computer animation along with the theories and principles of motion using Autodesk Maya. Students will rig a character and manipulate hierarchical character animation, time curves and motion paths. Students will animate walks and runs with characters. Students will utilize Maya's cameras and lights while gaining further experience with texturing and rendering techniques. Comprehensive critiques will be conducted regularly to encourage good design for time-based animation. Prerequisite: AR-386.

AR 389 - Art and Photography Internship

An internship in Studio Art or Photography at an off-campus work site. The placement must enhance the student's understanding of professional practice in studio art or photography. Students are required to complete from 5 to 15 hours per week, or 50 to 150 hours per semester, depending on the required credit hours of the degree program. Prerequisites: Junior status and permission of the instructor.

AR 390 - Animation/Motion Graphics I

An introduction to the art of time-based, graphic storytelling. Emphasis will be placed on the creation of engaging digital environments through the thoughtful integration, manipulation and orchestration of audio, video, still and three-dimensional imagery. Prerequisite: AR-181 or AR-374.

AR 394 - 3-D Environments and Effects

Concepts, tools, and techniques for creating realistic natural environments and phenomena (such as moving clouds, fire, and flowing water). Students will sculpt complex polygonal geometry into various terrains including landscapes and foliage. Students will learn to create realistic backgrounds incorporating natural light. Creating realistic shadows will be explored as well. Students will learn how to use particle emitters in order to simulate phenomena such as flowing water, flames, and snow. Prerequisite: AR-393.

AR 398 - Special Topics in Art (300 Level)

An intensive study of a particular subject or problem in art to be announced prior to registration. The course may be conducted on either a lecture-discussion or a seminar basis. Prerequisite: As announced in the course schedule.

AR 399 - Independent Study in Art

Guided research - a studio project or art history topic. Weekly consultation. May be elected for a total of six credits.

AR ARHS003 - 300 Level Art History Elective

For Study Abroad students only