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AR 217 - Sculpture 1

Sculpture for beginners as well as intermediate students, including modeling from life, plaster, simple casting procedures, found object, installation, digital modeling and 3D printing. Students will be introduced to professional practices in sculpture. Six hours per week. Prerequisites: Art-116, AR-191, and AR-192 for art majors. Department chair approval is required for non-art majors.

AR 221 - Painting I

Techniques and craftsmanship to facilitate expression in acrylic or oil painting; still-life and landscape subjects. Art and Art Education students must have prerequisite. Six hours of studio work per week. Prerequisites: Art-113, AR-114, AR-191, and AR-192 for art majors. Department chair approval is required for non-art majors.

AR 241 - History of Western Art I

Survey of the significant styles and periods in Western art and architecture from Prehistoric to Gothic periods. Weekly lectures and discussions assist students with developing their visual literacy and a critical understanding of the past.

AR 241 - Intro to the History of Art I

ARH401 Refer to course description at Regent's University London.

AR 265 - Hand Built Ceramics

An introduction to clay as a creative material for making both functional and sculptural 3-D forms using various hand-building techniques, including coils, slabs, carving, incising, and their combination. Basic glazing and firing methods will be covered. Slide presentations, group and individual critiques will be part of the curriculum.

AR 266 - Wheel Thrown Ceramics

An introduction to the potter's wheel as a tool for creating both functional and sculptural clay forms. In addition to throwing forms on the wheel, students will gain knowledge about glazing and firing techniques. Slide presentations, group, and individual critiques will be part of the curriculum.

AR 269 - Graphic Design Studio I

An introduction to graphic design, including conceptual thinking, letterform design, layout, and design techniques. Students will also be introduced to design history and current issues regarding the profession. Department chair approval is required for non-art majors. Prerequisite: AR-113 for Art majors only. Corequisite: AR-114.

AR 273 - Digital Illustration

A continuation of Computer Graphics with primary emphasis on more advanced illustration software. Assignments build on previously learned software and concepts. Projects may include illustrative posters, booklets, and interiors. Prerequisite: AR-172 or AR-177.

AR 283 - Black and White Photography II

Focuses on advanced technical skills as a means of gaining greater personal and aesthetic understanding. Advanced 35mm camera and printing techniques, basic studio lighting, and exploring different photographic formats including medium, large, and toy cameras, as well as experimental techniques of image making and printing. Prerequisite: AR-183.

AR 286 - Maya Animation for Non-BFA Candidates

Students will learn basic techniques of building three-dimensional, digital objects along with the basic theories and principles of animation using the software Maya. Skills needed to construct 3D objects in Maya will be introduced with hands-on experiences on the Macintosh platform. Meets six hours per week. Not available to Fine Art majors. Prerequisites: AR-178, AR-181 or CO-145, and AR-284.

AR 287 - Typography

An introduction to the theory, function, history, and impact of typography in graphic design. This course is an analysis of the shape and form of letters. Investigation and comparison of existing typefaces, type specification and layout in relation to graphic design and the printed piece. Prerequisites: AR-113, AR-114, AR-172 or AR-177, and AR-269.

AR 290 - Motion Graphics for Non-BFA Candidates

An introduction to the art of time-based, graphic storytelling for non-art/design majors. Emphasis will be placed on the creation of engaging digital environments through the thoughtful integration, manipulation, and orchestration of audio, video, still, and three-dimensional imagery. Meets six hours a week. Not available to Fine Arts majors. Prerequisites: AR-178, AR-181 or CO-145, and AR-284.