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School of Education

University School Partnerships


P-12 School Partnerships

We are engaged in collaborative P-12 School Partnerships. Our partnerships with many local school districts provide multiple opportunities for our students to teach, tutor, mentor, and collaborate with P-12 students in local school settings. In addition, our faculty as well as the teachers and administrators in the districts collaboratively design and conduct research and professional development in a joint effort to positively improve P-12 student learning.


Middle Road Professional Development School


The Professional Development School established by the Monmouth University School of Education and the Middle Road School (Hazlet Township) is a learning-centered community that endeavors to collaboratively promote and sustain: effective teaching and learning experiences which focus on the achievement of our students (pre K -16); mutual responsibility for the preparation of teacher candidates; professional growth opportunities for pre-service and in-service teachers, university faculty, and administrators; and inquiry, research, reflection, and “best practices.”