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  • Special Education

    Teacher of Students with Disabilities


    Wendy Harriott

    Carol McArthur-Amedeo

    Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD) - prepares teachers who wish to enhance their skills in working effectively with diverse populations, families, colleagues, and the community. Comprehensive theoretical and practical experiences are provided to ensure that candidates are well prepared to address the learning, language, and social needs of a diverse population of students from preschool to high school.

    30-credit MSED in TSD Curriculum Chart
    21-credit endorsement only in TSD Curriculum Chart

    Must hold a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS), Provisional, or Standard NJ instructional certificate.

    Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDTC)


    Mary Brennan

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    Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDTC) - prepares teachers to specialize in assessing and instructing students with special needs and to serve as learning consultants on child study teams. A main focus of the program is collaboration with teachers, support personnel, administrators, and families. Field experiences are provided throughout the program.

    30-credit MSED in LDTC Curriculum Chart
    24-credit endorsement only in LDTC Curriculum Chart

    Upon completion, you must provide documentation evidencing completion of three years of successful teaching experience under a Standard NJ or out-of-state instructional certificate to be eligible for the endorsement.

    Teaching in Inclusive Settings


    Mary Brennan

    Inclusive Settings - prepares teachers desiring the skills necessary for inclusive education to be successful and emphasizes instructional strategies, differentiated instruction and accommodations for co-teaching and professional collaboration.

    30-credit MSED in Inclusive Setting Curriculum Chart

    You must be a certified teacher.



    Stacy Lauderdale

    Autism (all online) - prepares teachers to focus on the design of educational services for children with autism, and prepares individuals to teach students who are on the autism spectrum. The program includes instruction in laws and policies as well as identifying students with autism, developing individual education plans, and teaching and supervising students with autism.

    30-credit MSED in Autism Curriculum Chart
    18-credit certificate in Autism Curriculum Chart

    See also: CEC Standards


    The U.S. Department of Education requires that we disclose certain information about academic programs that do not lead to a degree (e.g., certificate programs) but that prepare a student for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. The Graduate Certificate in Autism program at Monmouth University is defined as a gainful employment program. Click here to review the required disclosures. Should you require additional information about these gainful employment disclosures, please contact the Financial Aid Office.