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  • Principal/Supervisor/School Administrator Programs

    Harvey R. Allen, Program Advisor/Coordinator

    The University's nationally recognized and accredited Principal's/Supervisor's Masters of Science in Education Program is designed to enhance leadership skills through an in-depth understanding of educational leadership theory and extensive and rich field and internship experiences. Throughout the program candidates will engage in collegial opportunities to examine their own leadership practices and to engage in collegial dialogue.

    All of the instructors are or have been practicing administrators. This practical knowledge combined with our dissemination of current theoretical developments provides an appropriate balance for future administrators. The programs and the instructors have consistently demonstrated a willingness to be flexible and provide independent study opportunities to accommodate each student's needs and schedules. Currently all of our 10 courses are hybrid except for the Curriculum Development and Design course which is totally online (curriculum charts).

  • One student stated: "From my perspective I feel that I am very prepared for a future in administration in regards to curriculum development and evaluating staff. I have the ability to "unpack" standards to create a curriculum, but also understand the importance of staff support in this process. I feel that I can effectively complete teacher evaluations in a way that would be supportive and promote professional growth."

    Rich Allen, a principal from Neptune High School, one of our Academy participating schools, stated: "I can tell you that the program you offer at Monmouth University is much more demanding, comprehensive, and rigorous (than courses offered elsewhere). I know that from experience. I worked as an adjunct for other universities in the state and I feel their curriculum does not prepare them the way Monmouth University prepares their students. Monmouth University graduate students have been exceptional. They have a keen understanding of curriculum, curriculum writing, and curriculum mapping. Their grasp of instructional strategies has been superb. MU is the only graduate school that has the interview forums and roundtable discussions designed to prepare their students for authentic real-world experiences. The other graduate programs do not offer such experiences and lack the work-place/graduate school articulation & genuine partnerships that are found in the MU program."

    The Supervisor's Certification courses are imbedded within the Principal's Program and therefore a student who completes the current Principal's Program graduates with both a Supervisor's Certificate and a Principal's Certificate of eligibility. However students, who have Master's degrees, are able to take the 4 courses that are necessary for that certification without being enrolled in the Principal's program.

    Students who have completed their Principal's course of study and passed the School Leadership Licensing Assessment (SLLA) and desire a School Administrator's Certificate of Eligibility are encouraged to return as a non-matriculated student to take the School Administrator's Internship Class (150 hours field experience).


    Contact Information:

    Dr. Harvey R. Allen
    McAllan Hall, Office 206