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School of Education

Peer Advising Mentor Program

The School of Education (SOE) Peer Advising Mentor Program (PAM), which began in 2009, is available to Freshmen and Sophomores majoring in Education. PAM creates a helpful relationship among these students with current SOE Juniors and Seniors who are selected to serve as the peer mentors.

The mentors assist students by providing insight into their experience and knowledge base as successful School of Education students. Our Junior and Senior mentors provide their mentees (Freshmen/Sophomores) with personalized guidance and information regarding their specific education programs and K-12 school-based experiences, as well as Monmouth University social and academic information. School of Education faculty provide mentors guidance and support as needed.

The PAM Orientation kicks off the program each academic year, during which introductions are made and all mentors and mentees meet, share, and socialize.

This is a wonderful opportunity for not only the mentors who gain valuable leadership skills and enhance their resume/portfolios, but also the mentees who will successfully enter into their career oriented courses and field experiences in the local schools with confidence and knowledge.

For additional information, please send an e-mail to or contact one of the coordinators of the program, Jenifer Joyce or Janis Marcus.