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  • Mission Statement

    The School of Education’s mission is to be a leader in the preparation of highly competent, reflective teachers, and other professional educators (e.g., administrators, counselors, and reading specialists) who have the knowledge, 21st-Century skills, and dispositions required to improve the teaching and learning of students in a highly pluralistic democratic society. Toward this end, our candidates are prepared to serve all students from diverse backgrounds in terms of abilities, age, culture, race, ethnicity, family, lifestyle, and socioeconomic status.

    Through clinically based field experiences in a wide range of local school and community settings, our candidates practice and demonstrate the utilization of 21st-century skills in their work with students, teachers, and school leaders. Our goal is that candidates use their thorough knowledge of learners and learning to promote positive student outcomes and achievement. Our programs link theory and practice and are designed to instill a commitment to lifelong learning and reflection.