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School of Education

Program Advisory Councils (PAC) : Graduate

Please click on a Council name to view the list of current members.

  • Ms. Kerry Rizzuto, Program Coordinator
  • Ms. Nicole Benak
  • Ms. Kristie Deluca
  • Ms. Lisa Miskanich

  • Dr. Jingzi Huang, Coordinator
  • Dr. Mirta Barrea-Marlys, Content and Methods support from Foreign Language Studies
  • Ms. Lucille Klinek, University Supervisor
  • Ms. Christine Facer, Teacher, former Master of Arts Teaching student
  • Ms. Monica Foder

  • Dr. Jingzi Huang, Coordinator
  • Ms. Susan Berrios
  • Ms. Cynthia Dinardi, Teacher, former post graduate student

  • Dr. Dr. Harvey Allen, Coordinator
  • Dr. Joseph Corriero, Coordinator
  • Ms. Katherine Eagan, Hazlet School District
  • Ms. Vicki Jordan, former student
  • Mr. Samar Mark

  • Ms. Bridget Antonucci
  • Ms. Mary Brennan, Coordinator
  • Ms. Vicki Jordan, former student and LDTC
  • Ms. Cheryl Marzigliano
  • Ms. Kerry Rizzuto
  • Ms. Amy Ryan

  • Dr. Mary Lee Bass, Professor, Coordinator
  • Dr. Carolyn Groff, Professor
  • Dr. Lilly Steiner, Professor
  • Ms. Christine Keleman-Dowens, Adjunct Professor
  • Ms. Janice McDowell, Community Representative, Adjunct Professor
  • Ms. Lisa McGhee, Alumni
  • Ms. Heather Schulz, Alumni
  • Ms. Valerie Sorce, Graduate Student, MSED Reading Specialist

  • Dr. Jose Maldonado, Coordinator

  • Dr. Wendy Harriott, Coordinator
  • Ms. Heather Kovacs-Schroeck, Former UG and GR student, Teacher, Adjunct Faculty
  • Ms. Lisa Lane, Supervisor of Special Education, Jackson Township School District
  • Ms. Pat Pascale, Administrator, Middletown Township School District
  • Ms. Gretchen Dewyngaert, former UG, current GR, Teacher
  • Ms. Elizabeth Dicker
  • Ms. Erin Gallagher
  • Ms. Janice Liddy
  • Ms. Jennifer Yacus