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The Literacy Center


The Literacy Center at Monmouth University offers reading and writing assessment and instruction programs for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Literacy Center Summer Clinics are designed to strengthen instructional needs as well as to provide instruction in reading and writing strategies. The programs are grounded in research and linked to national and state standards.

Information on student learning is sent home to the family members weekly. In addition, a conference to discuss the student’s progress in literacy is held at the end of the program.

Teachers seeking graduate degrees in reading conduct the ninety minute sessions. Professors in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction supervise the graduate student clinicians.

Literacy Center Summer Clinics

Writing Clinic

This program’s major focus is on writing in response to reading. The students will work with their instructor for 90 minutes, twice a week and explore all aspects of the writing process. Students will be assessed and an individual plan will be created and executed for the duration of the program. Reading and good literature are a part of the writing program and are used to provide good models for their writing. The focus here is to explore each student’s experience with writing and to provide them with opportunities to become stronger writers.

This program is for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Space is extremely limited and students will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

Reading & Writing Clinic

Prior to the first session, the instructor gathers background information on the student and plans various reading and writing assignments to administer. During the first session, the instructor uses standardized and informal assessments to determine the best instructional strategies for each student. Based on the results of these assessments and the instructor’s observations, the instructor develops an instructional plan to meet the student’s reading and writing needs.

The instructor sends home additional activities to support what was learned in the clinic and to keep parents informed of their child’s progress. The instructors encourage families to reinforce the strategies students are being taught in the clinic at home.

At the conclusion of the program, a conference is held and the parents receive a written progress report which includes: pre- and post-assessment findings, instructional techniques utilized, recommendations for home and school, and resources that students can utilize to support their needs.

This program is for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Space is extremely limited and students will be accepted on a first come basis.