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Judith Bazler, EdD


Science Education

Ed.D., University of Montana

Office: McAllan Hall , Room 208

Phone: 732-571-4485



Dr. Bazler earned her doctorate in Science Education from University of Montana.  Dr. Bazler began her career in teaching in Missoula, Montana teaching Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in High School.  She applied for and was one of the 150 teacher-in-space people chosen by NASA from 64,000 applicants to be the first teacher to travel into space.  She moved from Bethlehem, PA to Monmouth University in 1997 where she was an Associate Professor at Lehigh University and the Founder and CEO of the SMART Discovery Place.  Her experiences at Lehigh allowed her to work with Bob Ballard in the Jason Project and to become interested in informal science. Her triple major of Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics has enabled her to have the background necessary for her work in teaching students how to teach science and in her research interests of Science Education, Informal Science and Science and Technology .  She wrote and edited a number of Facts On File Books including the first activity book aimed at teaching science to students with special needs.  She then went on to develop a process for reviewing science URLs which then was published as the three books Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science Resources in the Electronic Age.  Recently she used that process and expanded it to include Ipad Apps and developed a review process for Science Apps found on Ipads and Iphones.  Her presentations last year were to standing room only crowds at the largest national/international conferences.  Dr. Bazler tells her students to choose a career in which you have passion because it is that passion which makes life wonderful.