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  • Facilities Management Shops

    The Facilities Management department is divided into eleven shops to help things run more smoothly. The maintenance of campus buildings is really a team effort.

    Please select a department listed here to learn more about it:

    Auto Shop

    It is the Auto Shop’s function to maintain all vehicles in the Facilities Management fleet, and the Police Department and Athletics vehicles. The Auto Shop is responsible for the care and maintenance of all vehicles owned or leased by Monmouth University. We also repair and maintain all machinery utilized by the Grounds Crew, i.e., mowers, blowers, edgers.

    Carpentry Shop

    The Carpentry Shop is responsible for the general building maintenance and renovations of all buildings on campus. One day we could be constructing an office for a new faculty member, another day we could be repairing window frames on a residence hall.

    Custodial Support

    The Custodial Department's employees are our principal building services providers. They perform routine cleaning and maintenance in all campus buildings and address special housekeeping projects as needed. The Custodial Staff also renders a variety of minor services to support all campus offices. Employees from the Custodial Department are on duty around the clock each weekday while classes are in session and during the daytime seven days a week throughout the year.

    Electrical Shop

    The Electrical Shop is responsible for all electrical maintenance repairs, emergency calls, outside and parking lot lighting. They troubleshoot problem areas, and perform daily elevator service checks. The Electrical Shop maintains the electronic parking lot gates, as well as all gymnasium lighting and electronic scoreboards-both indoor and outdoor. They also troubleshoot and locate underground wiring.

    Fire and Safety

    The Fire and Safety Department is responsible for maintaining all fire equipment in all buildings on campus. University safety is also a concern of this department—training and personal protective equipment are also issued by this department.


    The Grounds Shop is responsible for all aspects of indoor and outdoor ornamental and turf grass maintenance, decorative stone and block work. We are responsible for the maintenance of all athletic fields on campus, including game preparation, field lining, and specialized field painting.


    The HVAC shop (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) maintains building comfort all over campus. We maintain such equipment as thermostats, air-handlers, boilers, pumps, air-conditioning, etc. Calls are handled by priority. HVAC provides a night shift during the school season, as well as weekend call-ins throughout the year.

    Lock Shop

    The Locksmith Shop installs, services, and maintains lock and door hardware. We set up building keying schedules, maintain the records, and update due to re-keying needs. The Locksmith Shop issues keys for offices and residence halls, as well as for desks and file cabinets throughout campus.

    Plumbing Shop

    Members of the Plumbing Shop take pride in prompt, courteous, and professional service to the campus community. Their responsibilities range from swimming pool chemical balance and filtration, minor appliance repair, pipe fitting, drippy faucets and slow drains, to projects such as Residence Hall renovations. Many people know "Jim DePlumber", proud to be supplying the campus's plumbing needs for the past 20 years.

    Service Response Team

    The Service Response Team is the department's "utility player." Their usual duties are the unusual, running the gamut from taking care of deliveries and set-ups for special events, to coordinating the removal of trash from campus and ensuring Monmouth University's compliance with county recycling regulations. The Service Response Team moves furniture when offices relocate, installs signage and pictures around campus, lines athletic fields and also assists the University carpenters, grounds keepers, mail clerks, and custodians in a variety of tasks.