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  • Long-Term Care Insurance

    Our group long term care insurance provider, Genworth, recently informed Monmouth University that they will no longer be accepting new enrollment applications for the existing long term care product currently offered.  This change will take effect on December 1, 2016 and the Genworth website link previously available on this webpage will be temporarily unavailable. If you or your family member is an existing Genworth policy holder, currently enrolled in the group long term care product, please note that your policy will continue in full force as well as payroll deductions for premiums.  This is also true if you are a John Hancock Long Term Care policy holder.

    Beginning in the Fall 2017, Genworth will be offering a new long term care product which will be available to all employees.  This product will have similar benefit options, benefit periods and inflation option choices as the current policy.  As with their previous rollout, Genworth will offer a guarantee issue policy and employees and eligible family members will only be required to complete a two question application. Genworth will be on campus late spring to early summer of 2017 to provide information and education on their long term product as well as assist in the enrollment process.

    Since there will be a gap where no long term care insurance product is being offered through the University benefit program, Genworth will provide information to any employee seeking long term care insurance information and will vet the market to assist in finding a viable long term care product in the individual marketplace. Please watch for announcements during the Spring 2017 semester regarding the future of the long term care insurance program and what will be available to you.  In the meantime, do no hesitate to contact the Office of Human Resources if you have questions during the transition period.

    As always our Executive Account Manager from Genworth/Affinity LTC is Lois Mellon and she can be reached at 717-737-3060 x 306.