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  • Message from the President

    An essential component of a well-rounded university education is the opportunity to get to know and learn from students, faculty, and staff who come from backgrounds that are different from one’s own. Diversity is much broader than representation along simple racial or ethnic categories.

    Embracing diversity as an educated person encompasses a willingness to appreciate differences in social and economic status, gender orientation, state or country of origin, religious beliefs, political leanings, and in some cases, the core values that drive and motivate us.

    A healthy and vibrant campus community is characterized by people who value individual and group differences, respect the intrinsic worth of others, and communicate openly. Communication between different perspectives is a cornerstone for the success of any organization, whether it is an academic campus, a profit-driven enterprise, or a voluntary charitable association.

    Monmouth University is committed to an inclusive and diverse campus, and I hope you will avail yourself of the many resources that help us grow stronger as a community of individuals united by our educational mission.