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    Human Relations Advisory Council
    Mission Statement:


    The purpose of the Human Relations Advisory Council (HRAC) is to:

    • monitor human relations and advise the University on ways to improve relations on campus and in the surrounding community;
    • promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding; and
    • encourage the acceptance of our differences without bias or indifference and the celebration of our similarities within a shared context.

    Goals and Objectives

    1. Advisory — ensure that the University climate, and current policies and procedures are consistent with the Human Relations Philosophy and Policy Statement by alerting the President to threats or opportunities and recommending a course of action
      1. Collect/review data (audits/surveys/campus incidents)
      2. Review University policies and procedures
      3. Provide annual report with recommendations to the President
    2. Promotional — promote a sense of community and cooperation among all constituencies on campus
      1. Address human relations at University functions (e.g., Freshman Orientation, Administrative Forums, New Employee Orientations)
      2. Develop communication mediums (e.g., HRAC Web page, HRAC newsletter, Outlook articles)
      3. Sponsor events to foster a sense of community
    3. Educational — inform ourselves and use that information to further the goals of the Council
      1. Provide educational and training opportunities for members
      2. Maintain an open forum during meetings with guest participation as deemed appropriate
      3. Establish annual self-assessment procedures