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    Human Relations Advisory Council


    In the fall of 1998, the Human Relations Restructuring Committee members began a series of discussions relative to human relations issues at Monmouth University and examined the state of the existing Human Relations Council. The report on the work of the Human Relations Restructuring Committee describes a model that Monmouth University will use as a whole to address, in a proactive manner, the many issues of harassment, bias, and discrimination, subtle but pervasive, that exist in our society and at the University.

    Accordingly, the Human Relations Restructuring Committee met with the Human Relations Council in the spring of 1999 and presented their recommendations for restructuring. The formation of the Human Relations Advisory Council was completed and charged to:

    • report annually to the University president on the state of campus human relations;
    • advise and assist the University Crisis Management Team through the appointment of a designated advisory council member to the team;
    • take an active role in planning, coordinating, and assisting in the sensitivity of the campus community to diversity/pluralistic issues through coordination of campus-wide programs; and
    • arrange for the conducting of periodic audits/surveys to ascertain campus climate, considering three-year cyclic audits.