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    Welcome faculty! The following services are provided by The Office of the Registrar:



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    Monmouth University provides faculty with online student information through WebFaculty. To access WebFaculty, you must log in using your Monmouth University login and password.

    Advisee Information on WebFaculty includes:

    • Current Advisees (your assigned advisees)
    • Departmental Advisees (all majors in your department)
    • e-FOLDER (access to the student's file)
    • e-FORMS (to approve advisee requests)
    • Degree Audit Tutorials


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    Class Rosters

    Online class rosters are available to faculty through WebFaculty. The online rosters reflect current enrollment and are updated immediately when a student add/drops or withdraws from the class. The online class roster displays the student’s name, ID. NO. and class year.

    The WebFaculty roster also permits you to expand the student information to include contact information (address and phone), program information and advisor. The WebFaculty roster is available in two versions: with and without the student photo.

    Lastly, WebFaculty roster enables you to download the data into an excel spreadsheet.

    Please note: No paper or e-mail rosters are provided. The only roster available is from WebFaculty.

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    Class Roster Verification

    Once add/drop concludes, faculty are required to review the final online roster and to report on the accuracy.

    Class roster verification is not available until add/drop concludes and the verification needs to be completed by the due date.

    Once faculty report a discrepancy between their roster and attendance, the Registrar’s Office attempts to contact the student to correct the problem. The Registrar’s Office is not permitted to change a student’s registration based upon attendance feedback.

    Faculty will be emailed a copy of the letter sent to students that are reported with registration discrepancies.

    Department chairs, school deans, and the Provost will be informed of classes that were not verified.


    Once add/drop concludes, do not permit students to attend class if they are not listed on the class roster.

    Any student attempting to attend a class for which he/she is not registered should be immediately sent to the Registrar’s Office.

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    Faculty use their WebFaculty account to provide online grades:

    • Midterm and Final grades for Undergraduates
    • Final grades for all students

    Undergraduate Midterm Grades

    • See the Academic Calendar for the due date.
    • Midterm grades are immediately viewable by students
    • The Registrar's Office will send grading information via e-mail and a paper copy approximately two weeks prior to the due date.

    Final Grades

    • The Registrar's Office will send grading information via e-mail and a paper copy approximately two weeks prior to the due date.
    • New faculty who have not used WebFaculty to submit grades should access the system as early as possible in case of problems.
    • "I"ncomplete grades require a default grade and an expiration date.
    • If a student on your final grade roster NEVER attended, see the instruction sheet provided by the Registrar's Office for instructions.
    • When entering dates, use MM/DD/YY format and include slash marks.
    • Grade changes AFTER final grades are complete require a "Change of Grade" e-form.

    WebGrading: Frequently Asked Questions

    • The Registrar staff monitors the e-mail account Send questions during non-business hours.
    • The following "grades" are administratively assigned and not available for faculty use:

    "W" - Withdraw

    "T" - Transfer credit

    "AU" - Audit

    "NR" - Not Reported

    "X" - Credit by Exam

    "Q" - Waived

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    Changes of Grade

    • In those cases where a faculty member determines that a change of grade is warranted, the request must be submitted and approved by the department chair and school dean.
    • All changes must include specific reasons that support the proposed change.
    • Students are not permitted to complete or submit additional work after a term/semester concludes in an effort to improve a grade, unless the original grade was an incomplete.
    • Changes beyond one year require the additional approval of the Academic Standards and Review Committee (ASRC)
    • Changes to grades after a student has graduated will not be considered.

    Faculty requesting a change of a final grade (within one calendar year) are required to complete a "Change of Grade" e-form. Faculty can access e-forms from the main menu of WebFaculty. The requests for a change of grade will be routed to the department chair and school dean for their approval.

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    Classroom Scheduling: Information/Procedures About Classrooms/Computer Labs

    Classroom/Computer Lab Room Assignments

    • Classrooms and computer labs are assigned by the Office of the Registrar. Approximately two weeks before the beginning of the semester or summer session, room assignments are finalized, but are subject to change
    • You may check your classroom assignments using WebAdvisor. Classrooms are furnished with the number of chairs or desks that the rooms should have, based on capacity. If you have more students than available seats, please do not take chairs or desks from other classrooms or change your classroom on your own. Inform your department chair of the issue, and if necessary, your chair should request a change by e-mail to for a room change or an alternate solution. Room changes are not automatic (space is limited at peak times) and can only be accomplished if space permits. Additional use of classrooms and lab rooms is available only after all academic classes have been scheduled. If you need to reserve a lab room or classroom, in addition to your assigned classroom, please access e-forms from the main menu of WebFaculty and submit an e-form, "Request for Classroom/Lab Space. Since most or all classrooms and lab room are heavily used, reservations can only be made if space is available.
    • If you have problems with or questions about the technical equipment in the classroom (i.e., LCD projectors, computers, overheads) call the HelpDesk at extension 3539. AV equipment can ordered through the HelpDesk at extension 3539 or send e-mail to
    • If you require certain materials in the classroom (i.e., lecterns, extra blackboards) or need to report a facility problem (i.e., heat, light fixture) you should call Facilities Management at extension 3425 or submit an online Facilities Management Service Order.

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    Department Meeting, Academic Event or Program Scheduling

    Event Management Systems (EMS) allows staff and faculty members to check room availability and schedule meeting space.

    • Go to and sign in with your Monmouth account information.
    • In the tab Calendar/Events click on Reservation Calendar.
    • You will need to login to EMS using the "My Account" option.
    • Once logged in, you can check availability for a specific date, building, and room by using the "Reservation" "Room Request" option
    • A listing of available facilities will return. After browsing the selections highlight your choice and click submit.
    • Enter the required event details: event name, event type, department and click submit.

    Scheduling of a room is completed in the order that requests are received. If the space you are reserving is available, your request will be processed and the reservation will be confirmed on the EMS software within three (3) business days. If a conflict exists, you will be contacted by the Office of Conference Services and Special Events.

    Submitting a Room Request does not ensure that the space is available. Please be aware that departments may be asked to shift into another meeting space to better accommodate the University's overall needs for meeting space.

    You can check on pending requests through the "Reservation" "View My Requests" option.

    Planning an Event on Campus

    When planning an event on campus:

    • Plan for Parking: If you are expecting more than thirty (30) off-campus guests who will require parking to attend your program you will need to complete an online parking request form available on the EMS Software (see above).
    • Reserve the Room (see above)
    • Plan Your Room Layout: Requests for set-ups must be submitted to Facilities Management via an Online Service Order ten (10) days prior to the event. Go to "I Need To ...." "Submit a Facilities Service Order".
    • Plan for Food Service: Gourmet Dining is our food service provider and catered events can be ordered through the online catering system, E-Cater.
    • Plan for Multi-Media: if multimedia is not included in your room (i.e., laptops, projection units, etc.) they must be arranged through the Help Desk by e-mailing:

    If you need assistance you can e-mail or call extension 2199.

    Early Registration and

    Approval Switch

    WebRegistration permits students to self-register, add, and/or drop courses online provided they have been granted approval by their academic advisors. The mechanism advisors use to grant this approval is the advisor "switch" in WebFaculty.

    Undergraduate students, upon acceptance, have their WebRegistration switch defaulted to "No," whereas the graduate students' WebRegistration switch is set to a default of "Yes."

    Students who are in a "conditional" admittance status or who are on academic probation will not be permitted to use WebRegistration until their status has changed to non-conditional or they are no longer on academic probation. Therefore, these students are required to register in their academic department with their advisor's assistance.

    Faculty advisors can activate student WebRegistration switches either individually or as a group.

    Monmouth University offers a year-long registration (Summer—Fall—Spring) and typically opens early registration in March/April. Undergraduate students are assigned "first-opportunity" to register based upon their completed credits; graduate students are randomly assigned first-access dates and times.

    Questions regarding WebRegistration, early registration, and advisor "switch" should be directed to Lynn Reynolds in the Registrar's Office.