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  • Quick Facts

    Founded: 1933

    Type: Private

    Student-to-faculty ratio: 13:1 (UG & GR)

    Demographics: Students come fromĀ 31 countries and 29 states

    Fall 2016 Enrollment

    • Total enrollment: 6,371
      • Undergraduate: 4,490 full-time, 217 part-time
      • Graduate: 1,664 (41.8% are full-time)


    • Full-Time: 302
    • Part-Time: 385 (including administrative adjuncts)
    • Percentage of full-time faculty with terminal degrees: 78.8%

    Degrees and Programs

    • 32 baccalaureate degree programs
    • 24 master's degree programs
    • 1 doctoral degree program

    Tuition and Fees


    • Location: 400 Cedar Avenue, West Long Branch, New Jersey. One mile from the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and about an hour from New York City and Philadelphia
    • Graduate Center Location: Monmouth Park Corporate Center, 185 Route 36, West Long Branch, New Jersey
    • Acres: 158.9
    • Buildings: 55
    • Landmark Buildings: Woodrow Wilson Hall is a National Historic Register. Guggenheim wing of Monmouth University Library is on the National Register of Historic Places
    • $29,800,000 in new construction over five years without incurring debt
    • Building projects in progress: Monmouth Stadium, renovation of Edison Science Building, Expansion of the Graduate Center at Monmouth Park Corporate Center


    • NCAA Division I: 23 teams
    • 557 Students engaged in Division I sports (12.3% of full-time undergraduate students)
    • Nickname: Hawks
    • Colors: Blue and White
    • Conference: Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC), Big South (Football)


    • Operating Budget: $174,009,000
    • Endowment: $77,800,000 (as of 6/30/2016)
    • Discount rate for overall undergraduate, including athletics: 35.9%


    • NJ Clean Energy School
    • Governor's Environmental Excellence Award for Environmental Leadership
    • First private institution in NJ to voluntarily enter into a sustainability agreement with EPA

    Distinctive Features

    • Centers of Distinction
    • 100% of students engaged in experiential learning
    • Monmouth finished 1st in overall Commissioner's Cup standings in our 2nd straight year (our third year in the MAAC)
    • Music Industry concentration is one of only a select few offered throughout the country
    • Software Engineering is the only BS program in New Jersey and is ABET accredited
    • Coastal location about an hour's drive from New York and Philadelphia
    • Became a GRAMMY Museum affiliate, the first school east of the Mississippi River, the first private institution and the third university overall given the honor
    • Peace Corps Prep Program, the only one in NJ