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Getting to Know You – Greetings from CETL

Jen Brill

Getting to Know You—Greetings from CETL!

Hello! I am delighted to have recently joined the Monmouth University community as the new Director of your Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence—or, as we say here at MU, CETL!

I arrived in my home state of New Jersey with my beautiful beagle Holly in early July, having just completed 15 enriching years on the faculty at Lehigh University and, most recently, Virginia Tech. At VT, I served as an associate professor and manager for the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) program. IDT, a relatively new interdisciplinary field, strives to apply what we know empirically regarding how humans learn to develop more effective learning environments. To be successful, IDTers draw from psychology, sociology, communications, education, organizational development, and other disciplines because, let’s face it, we humans are complex beings – and we are always learning! My personal passion, whether at work or on the tennis court, continues to be understanding more deeply how we learn and continue to grow over a lifetime as a means to foster more supportive learning experiences for all of us. But really, enough about me!

Check out myMU CETL for professional development and funding opportunities.

At CETL, our passion will continue to be investing in our faculty by supporting you in the exploration and realization of transformative learning for our students, with our students, and with one another. Transformative learning aspires to experiences of intellectual challenge, immersion, impact, and preparation for life beyond our campus community. Look for these important cornerstones to be woven throughout CETL initiatives. In fact, I’d like to invite you to join in a new Signature Programming series, Bring It to the Table: Transformative Learning, through which we will lunch, learn, share, and mentor one another as we bring TL to life with our students.

Plug into CETL for opportunities to learn from and with your MU colleagues, as well as internationally-recognized experts, through an eclectic buffet of facilitated dialogues, digital resources, SOTL grants and fellowships, just-in-time workshops, and more.

Since arriving in July, I’ve had the chance to visit with many extraordinary folks as well as get to know our beautiful campus. I want to thank my new colleagues for their warm welcome, sharing of their time, knowledge, and support – and especially, their patience as “the new kid” finds her way around. (Talk about learning!)

Looking forward to getting to know you and sharing in a terrific year of learning ahead.

Jen Brill

CETL Director