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Date Region Title
10/22/2020 Iowa Dems Lead in 3 of 4 House Races
10/21/2020 Iowa Biden Takes Likely Voter Lead; Greenfield Maintains Narrow Senate Edge
09/24/2020 Iowa Trump Maintains Small Lead; Slight Gain for Dem in Senate
08/06/2020 Iowa CD2 Most Competitive of Four House Races
08/05/2020 Iowa Close Contests for Prez & Senate
06/18/2020 Arizona, California, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Virginia One-Third of Primary Voters Switched Their Presidential Support
01/29/2020 Iowa Dem Caucuses Could Be a Five-Way Contest
01/13/2020 Iowa Dem 2020 Race Continues to Shift
11/12/2019 Iowa Few Caucusgoers Tied to 2020 Choice
08/08/2019 Iowa Biden Holds Lead, Warren on the Chase
04/11/2019 Iowa Health Care, Environment Top Dem Issues
09/15/2016 Iowa Trump Widens Lead Over Clinton
07/12/2016 Iowa Trump Has Slight Edge Over Clinton
02/05/2016 Iowa Late Vote Swing Led to Cruz Win
01/28/2016 Iowa Clinton Clings to Caucus Lead
01/27/2016 Iowa Trump Takes Caucus Lead
12/08/2015 Iowa Clinton Maintains Caucus Lead
12/07/2015 Iowa Cruz Takes Caucus Lead
10/27/2015 Iowa Clinton Has Huge Caucus Lead
10/26/2015 Iowa Carson Holds 14 Pt. Lead in GOP Caucus
08/31/2015 Iowa Carson, Trump Tie for Lead
07/20/2015 Iowa Walker Takes Caucus Lead, Trump 2nd
10/22/2014 Iowa Tight Race for Senate