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Off-Campus and Commuter Services

Commuter Student Mentors

The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services (OCCS) oversees the Commuter Mentor Program (CSM) which connects incoming first-year commuter students during New Student Orientation with a upperclassmen commuter student for the fall term.

These seasoned guides assist the incoming first-year commuter students by helping them make the transition to life at college, while also guiding them through the many programs and resources that can be found at Monmouth University.  The CSM’s use a number of approaches (i.e., digital, social media, one on one, group activities) to assist new commuter students as they endeavor to make a connection to life at Monmouth University.

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Why first-year commuter students should request a CSM:

  • Learn how to easily get connected (i.e., people, places, involvement) at University.
  • Learn how to navigate the University’s programs, departments and resources.
  • Find out how to get the most out of being in college.

    CSM/Mentee Campus Walk-Through August 2017

  • Receive information and get questions answered about being a student at Monmouth University.

First-year commuter students who participate in New Student Orientation will have an opportunity to request a CSM .  Following New Student Orientation, the CSM’s will begin to contact with their mentees in August via social media and texting. Once the fall semester begins, CSM’s will stay in regular contact with the mentees to answer questions, provide guidance about navigating the University, help mentees get involved and highlight important institutional deadlines and opportunities.