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Hawk Safety Alert 2011-01


The Monmouth University Police Department would like to advise all students and employees that we have recently received several reports from individuals who have experienced finding nails in the tires of their personal vehicles. The nails were discovered on different dates during this last month. The reports are all from individuals who are assigned to park in lot #11. At this time it is not known for sure if the damage was incurred in lot 11, a university road or a public roadway, but lot #11 is the common link in the reports we have taken. It is also unknown how the nails came to be in the tires, either by accident or an intentional act.

We would like all students and employees, for safety reasons, to check your personal vehicle for any foreign objects in your tires. Notify the university police of any nails found in tires or found in any of the parking areas. Notify the police if you notice anything or anyone suspicious.

Detective Sergeant K. E. Kennedy
Monmouth University Police Department
400 Cedar Ave.
West Long Branch, New Jersey 07764