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Artful Explorations of Activism

As a universal language, the arts have always been an effective tool for addressing social issues. By striving to enact change through artistic expression, one can explore the concept of Artivism. Also referred to as activist art, Artivism is a form of social protest that addresses cultural and political concerns through creative mediums. Artivism is much more than an innovative tactic; it is a practice that attempts to inspire positive change in society.

In addition to using traditional mediums like film and music to raise awareness and create avenues for change, Artivists can express their views through dance, spoken word, visual arts, street art, hip hop, sculpture (as in the recent installation “Fearless Girl” on Wall Street), and other creative means.

Monmouth University Center for the Arts will address Artivism throughout the 2017-2018 season across disciplines utilizing exhibitions, musical performances, and the literary and theatre arts.

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Apr 1 May 31 2018

10 AM
Pollak Gallery

Artful Explorations of Activism

Gallery Exhibitions


As a universal language, the arts have always been an effective tool for addressing social issues. Artivism or “activist art” is a form of social protest that explores cultural and political concerns. However, it is much more than just an innovative tactic, Artivism involves an entire practice that attempts to inspire positive change in society. This juried exhibition will feature works of art that employ spectacle, symbolism and collective participation to fight for issues of social justice including racial discrimination, gender equality, fair labor practices, human rights and more.

Past Event

Feb 25 2018

4 PM
Pollak Theatre

Artful Explorations of Activism

Jewish Cultural Studies

Performing Arts Series

CAROLYN DORFMAN DANCE: The Legacy Project: A Dance Of Hope

Acclaimed choreographer and storyteller Carolyn Dorfman has created an exultant “dance-theatre” trilogy that connects us through our common human experience. Told through the lens of a child of a Holocaust survivor, the choreography
illustrates the devastation, yet inspires hope as immigrants journey to a new land that promises new beginnings! Our deepest desires for peace, freedom and family are illuminated in this triumphant work that will make you cry, laugh, think and celebrate the capacity of the human
spirit to rise above all circumstance. Described by critics as “ingenious” (The Star-Ledger) and “emotionally resonant” (The New York Times),
the dance in the Legacy Project brings together Dorfman’s family stories, Jewish history and a universal struggle for identity. This event is part of
the Jewish Cultural Studies Program.

Past Event

Feb 20 2018

4:30 PM
Wilson Auditorium

Artful Explorations of Activism

ArtNow: Performance, Art, and Technology


To create his film Rebirth of a Nation, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, remixed D.W. Griffith’s 1915 epic film The Birth of a Nation. His re-telling
of this overtly racist story depicted in the Reconstruction-era United
States hurtles Griffith’s images into the 21st century. The original film
was based on a novel and theater play by Thomas Dixon entitled The Clansman. By applying DJ technique to cinema, Miller’s new film parallels, deconstructs and remixes the original. He likes to think of it as “film as found object” in the same sense that artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol and David Hammons, among many others, have fostered creative investigations into the idea of found objects, cinema and “appropriation art.”

Past Event

Jan 25 2018

7:30 PM
Pollak Theatre

Artful Explorations of Activism

World Cinema Series

World Cinema Series: Even the Rain

Spanish director Sebastián, his executive producer Costa and all his crew are in Bolivia, in the Cochabamba area, to shoot a motion picture about Christopher Columbus, his first explorations and the way the Spaniards treated the Indians at the time. Costa has chosen this place because the budget of the film is tight and here he can hire supernumeraries, local actors and extras on the cheap. Things go more or less smoothly until a conflict erupts over the privatization of the water supply. The trouble is that one of the local actors is a leading activist in the protest movement.

Not Rated (103 minutes)

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