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Learning And Outcomes

Class of 2011 Post-Graduation Survey


Monmouth University students who received a baccalaureate degree in May 2011 were surveyed in the late winter/ early spring of 2012. Information was obtained for 52% of the May graduating class. The following are the results from that survey.

What was the Class of 2011 doing 6-9 months after graduation?

Class of 2011: 6 to 9 Months Out

What types of advanced degrees is the Class of 2011 pursuing?

Class of 2011: Advanced Degrees

What was the starting salary for the Class of 2011?

Class of 2011: Advanced Degrees

Where are the organizations in which the Class of 2011 are
employed geographically located?

Class of 2011: Job Location


How soon after May commencement did the Class of 2011 obtain their positions?


Class of 2011: When Hired

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