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Institutional Review Board


Judith A. Bazler, School of Education, Faculty Member

John Christopher, Vice President and General Counsel, Institutional Official – Designee

Natalie Ciarocco, Psychology, Faculty Member

Eleonora Dubicki, Associate Librarian, Faculty Member

Tony Lazroe, Director of Office of Grants and Contracts, Member of the University’s Administration (chosen by the Provost)

Laura Moriarty, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Institutional Official

Michael Palladino, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Ex-Officio

Tina Paone, School of Education, Faculty Member

Michelle Scott, School of Social Work, Faculty Member * Chair

Deborah N. Smith, IRB/IACUC Administrator

Janice Stapley, Psychology, Faculty Member

Issa Stephan, Community Member (chosen by the Provost)