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Institute for Global Understanding

Project BAM

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth County, Asbury Park High School, and Monmouth University collaborate in the UN Academic Impact Project to promote educational opportunities, human rights, and intercultural exchanges in local and global communities.

After a very successful pilot, Project BAM has evolved into a sustained partnership with an annual series of workshops designed to introduce a variety of community resources to APHS students and engage them in exploring opportunities for higher education through a learning experience based on mentorship and friendship.

2016-2017 Program Sessions:

WELCOME TO MONMOUTH UNIVERSITY! – APHS students meet their MU mentors, enjoy their first campus meal, and tour university facilities.

MONMOUTH ATHLETICS – Coaches and student-athletes share their experiences in intercollegiate athletics. This presentation focuses on how sports can serve as a channel for self-esteem, self-control, team spirit, cooperation, and inclusivity. Students who have a varsity high school sport talent learn how they can channel it while pursuing higher education.

COLLEGE ADMISSIONS – Dr. Bob McCaig, Vice President for Enrollment Management, leads a presentation on the college admissions process. Students learn what to focus on, how to complete the application, when to apply, and more. The presentation also covers procedures, strategies, and planning needed for successful college and/or scholarship applications.

CAPOEIRA WORKSHOP — Students are introduced to Capoeira. an Afro-Brazilian martial art dance combining the elements of martial arts, music, and dance. This program is geared toward self-discipline, using art to create self-esteem and confidence while strength building.

NON-VIOLENCE T-SHIRT PROJECT — Realizing violence is a major issue in our society, this workshop, held in reverence to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, includes a presentation of the philosophies of Gandhi and King and how they can be used in personal and community living situations. Students also create messages of peace and non-violence and write them on T-shirts to share their ideas of how they can make non-violence a part of their lives.  This workshop has been developed by Dr. Nancy Mezey, Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs/Professor of Sociology, Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

CULTURAL EXCHANGE – The International Club at Monmouth University will participate in this workshop designed to showcase the learning opportunities inherent in intercultural communication. APHS students will have a chance to introduce Monmouth’s international students to “life at the Shore,” and international students will provide a window into daily life in their home countries.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP – Members of the Monmouth University Career Services team will present helpful hints to students and raise awareness about the importance of career development during their high school and college years.

HEALTH EDUCATION — This session seeks to spread awareness about substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and other health issues. Preventive methods are discussed as well as various healthy lifestyle choices.

EXPLORING A CAREER IN THE HEALTH SCIENCES – Faculty and students in the Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies will welcome students to the world of health sciences, including a tour of the nursing lab.

HAWK TV AND WMCX RADIO — Students are given a tour of the campus radio and television stations. The discussion includes college study and career opportunities in the field of radio and television.

RECOGNITION CELEBRATION — Mentors and mentees share their experiences and assess outcomes of the year’s program. They provide feedback on the events and discuss ways of improving them. Participants receive certificates of participation and celebrate the friendships they have made. They assess the values of learning life skills, the opportunities provided through higher education, and how they can make college a reality. All of these are done in a friendly environment, which is noncompetitive and relaxed, and focuses on strengthening the self-esteem of the participants.

For more information on Project BAM at Monmouth University, please contact the Global Education Office at 732-923-4768.