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Honors School

Honors School

NEW – Junior Year Guidelines

Junior Year

Engagement with the Thesis process is essential at this time for students in
the School of Nursing and Health Studies, the School of Humanities and
Social Sciences, and the School of Business.

Honors 494
1. Identify an academic topic.
2. Develop a research question.
3. Develop a hypothesis and abstract (one paragraph).
4. Find an appropriate faculty advisor.
5. Outline a possible annotated bibliography (at least eight sources).
6. Meet with instructor, Honors thesis advisor, and/or Dean of the
Honors School.

Honors 495
1. Weekly meetings with First Reader
2. Monthly meetings with Second Reader
3. IACUC and IRB Approvals
4. Monthly meetings with Honors Thesis Advisor
5. Midterm rough proposal draft by Week 6
6. Final proposal draft by Week 12
7. Final Grade must be “B” or higher
8. May only retake the course with permission of the Dean