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Honors School

Honors School


The purpose of the Honors School is to provide high achieving, high ability, and highly motivated students the guidance, support, and fuel they need to take a deep dive into their intellectual passions, explore fields of study that expand those passions, and connect them with like-minded students and faculty.

The flexible curriculum allows student to take ownership of their education. The curriculum culminates in an Honors capstone project that provides students the time and space to engage in serious academic work in which they ask important and challenging questions, work toward solving difficult problems, and create and share new knowledge.

Our goal is to provide ab innovative higher education experience built on an academic and social platform that embraces diversity, welcomes and is inclusive of all students, and creates clear pathways to success through engaging and exciting coursework, shared living-learning spaces, leadership opportunities outside the classroom, study abroad experiences, and more.

The Honors School is both an academic and social community that encompasses:

  • Academic Benefits:
    • Taking honors classes that have a small class size and that are clustered together around a particular theme;
    • Working closely with faculty starting in the first year and culminating in a capstone project;
    • Opportunities to present their work at national, regional, and campus-based conferences;
    • study abroad programs
  • Campus and Commuter Benefits:
    • A residence hall designated for first and second-year honors students;
    • A commuter lot designated for honors students;
    • Priority registration;
    • Early move-in;
    • Access to a 24/7 computer/printer lounge in the residence hall;
  • Social and Co-Curricular Benefits
    • Having a Peer Mentor assigned during their first year;
    • Leadership opportunities through the Peer Mentor Program and Honors School Association;
    • a social area on the ground floor of the residence hall with a TV, pool table, and more
    • trips to cultural events
    • Honors School-sponsored social gatherings and academic programs throughout the year