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Seasonal Influenza Preparedness

Seasonal Influenza Preparedness

Dear Monmouth University Parent:

Annual influenza vaccination is a safe and preventive health measure that can benefit your student. In February of this past year, a panel of immunization experts from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) expanded the recommendation for annual influenza vaccination to all persons, regardless of health status, aged 6 months and older. This recommendation includes all persons in our campus community.

In order to maintain a healthy campus environment and to prevent influenza and its complications, we urge you to discuss with your student the value of receiving an annual flu shot. By taking this proactive step, your student can prevent needless time away from academic studies and work. Flu immunization also prevents the spread of influenza to susceptible household members and close contacts.

In addition to receiving an annual flu shot, encourage your student to wash their hands often, maintain good nutrition and fluids, get extra rest and avoid getting run-down or overtired. These simple health maintenance measures will greatly assist your student in staying healthy throughout the academic year.


Mary Anne Nagy
Vice President for Student Services