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Health and Physical Education

Katelyn White

Photo of Katelyn WhiteYear of Graduation: 2013

Degree Program: B.S., Health Studies

Current Job Title: Session Assistant

Employer: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Location: New York, NY

About Our Alum

Photo of Katelyn White with holding young child from GuatemalaKatelyn graduated from Monmouth University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Health Studies. Katelyn said she chose Monmouth because she was drawn to the beautiful campus that was close to home and its small class sizes would allow her to build great relationships with her professors.

Her strong interest in health prevention and education brought her to Guatemala in 2012 with Dr. Hirschler and three other Health Studies students. The “Guatemala Public Health” service learning course inspired her to pursue a career focused on linking communities with real health solutions.

Katelyn interned with V Well Health and assisted in the design and implementation of marketing plans, helped to streamline products and websites, and worked with clients to improve their health. Katelyn put together weekly menus and meal plans and placed these resources on the website for members to access.

“This placement provided me with the proper tools for working in the ‘real world,’” Katelyn said. “I learned the importance of team work, the use of effective and proper communication between co-workers, meeting deadlines, etc. These are all tools that I use in my current workplace today.”

Immediately upon graduation from Monmouth, Katelyn accepted a position at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) as a Client Service Representative. During her three year tenure at MSKCC, Katelyn transitioned to a Session Assistant in the Surgical Oncology Department. In December 2016, she will begin working at their new outpatient facility located in Middletown, New Jersey.

In 2018, Katelyn earned a Master’s in Public Health from George Washington University. Katelyn said, “I have continued to grow personally and professionally since graduation from MU, and I carry the stories of those I met in Guatemala.”


Photo of Katelyn White hiking at Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

Hiking Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

Photo of Katelyn White at graduation from George Washington University in 2018 with a Master of Public Health

Katelyn White earned a Master of Public Health from George Washington University in 2018