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Health and Physical Education

Jessica Calabro

Year of Graduation: 2015

Degree Program: B.S., Health Studies

Job Title: Physical Therapist

Employer: Northwell Health

Location: Manhasset, New York

About Our Alum

Initially, Jessica did not have Monmouth on her list of potential colleges until she received a post card in the mail. The postcard was in ECG waves stating, “Dr. Calabro, We Can Make It Happen”.  She immediately felt that she needed to research the school and see what it had to offer.

She was then accepted into the Honors School and immediately fell in love with the campus and all of the academic opportunities it had to offer. It was then she knew Monmouth was the college she would attend.

While attending Monmouth, Jessica was very active in many clubs and her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. She also held many leadership roles in the various clubs and sorority. Jessica was a member of the Pre-Professional Health Program, as well as a member of various Honors Societies including Eta Sigma Gamma. Jessica studied abroad in Florence, Italy in the Fall of her Junior Year. While in Italy she was able to take an elective that counted towards her Health Studies credits, but also immersed her into the culture and food of Italy.

Jessica states that the many opportunities of leadership, community service, and engaging academics at Monmouth have shaped her into the professional she is today. She said, “I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for the helpful, dedicated, and caring professors that I had in all of my Health Studies classes along with being a member of the Honors School. I was able to focus my honors thesis on a health focused topic, writing on the ‘Walkability of Synagogue Communities in New Jersey: A GIS Analysis’ with Dr. Konopack.

Jessica remembers sitting in her Health Studies classes and feeling excited to learn about subjects that she was interested in, which then helped her throughout her time in PT school. She is now a New York State licensed physical therapist after graduating from CUNY Hunter College in 2018 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree.  She is currently treating pediatric patients, as well as adult patients with pelvic floor diagnoses. It is a future goal of Jessica’s to volunteer her time in underserved areas as a physical therapist.