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MSEd Special Education Frequently Asked Questions:

MSEd Special Education Frequently Asked Questions:

Are all classes online?

Graduate classes in the Special Education Department are conducted in either a hybrid or completely online format. Currently, courses in the TSD, LDT-C, and Supervision tracks are a mix of hybrid and online courses, and the Autism/ABA programs are completely online.

Are online courses synchronous or asynchronous?

Generally, courses that are online are asynchronous but still have some synchronous sessions scheduled by the professor.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, courses that are normally hybrid will have regularly scheduled synchronous sessions along with asynchronous assignments. 

How long does this program take to complete?

Graduate students are considered to be full-time if they take nine credits per semester, which generally translates to three courses per semester.  Students receiving financial aid must enroll in at least two courses per semester (6 credits); however, many students take one course per semester.  It is possible to take three courses in the summer semester, but only two may be in the same session.  The ABA courses must be taken sequentially with only one of the courses in that sequence in any given semester.  The length of time it will take to complete the program will depend on how many courses a student takes in one semester. 

What do I do for field experiences?

If you are employed full-time in a classroom, you will need to obtain a letter from your principal or school supervisor on letterhead stating that the district will allow you to use your position as your field experience, and that you have interactions with students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) as needed to complete the projects in the course. If you are not a full-time teacher, the Monmouth University School of Education Office of Certification, Field Placements, and School Partnerships will locate a placement in an appropriate school setting for you. Please complete the Clinical Placement Application to make this request each semester, as needed. 

Do I need to be a teacher to apply to this program?

Based on the New Jersey Department of Education, students working toward the Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD) endorsement must hold a general education license, or be working on it concurrently with the TSD. Students applying for the LDT-C and Supervision programs must have three years of classroom experience. Students in the Autism/ABA tracks do not need to hold a teaching license. 

What time are classes offered?

Classes with a synchronous or in-person class will be held in the late afternoon or evening hours to accommodate teaching schedules.

Will I get a New Jersey teaching license with this program? 

Some of our programs lead to licenses or endorsements; some lead to degrees but not licenses; and some lead to certificates. See below for specifics on obtaining licenses. 

How do I get my New Jersey Department of Education certification, license, or endorsement?

The Monmouth University School of Education Office of Certification, Field Placements, and School Partnerships will work with students who complete licensure programs to submit applications to the New Jersey Department of Education. The Teacher of Students with Disabilities endorsement and MSEd degree programs, the LDT-C endorsement and MSEd degree programs, and the Supervision program lead to licensure (endorsements).  The Autism/ABA programs do not lead to licensure.  

Can courses transfer from another institution?

Monmouth University accepts up to nine credits in transfer; however, the courses that you request to transfer must have appropriate course content to match one of our courses, and they must be current in the content taught (within the last 7 years). Official transcripts must be provided. 

What is the cost of tuition? 

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Are there graduate scholarships?

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What services are offered to graduate students that are part of my tuition?

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