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M.S.Ed. in Supervisor of Educational Technology

M.S.Ed. in Supervisor of Educational Technology

This program is projected to open for Fall 2023.

As technology continues to change the delivery of education across the board, P-12 teachers have the opportunity to lead their districts into a new era of digitally enhanced teaching and create engaging and enriching lessons that bring learning to life.

The M.S.Ed. in Supervisor of Educational Technology program at Monmouth University provides teachers with the skill set needed to use technology, including web-based and video resources, collaborative tools, and mobile devices, successfully across P-12 districts.

As a student in this program, you will prepare to become a teacher leader who is capable of evaluating existing student outcomes and developing new technology programs for equitable access and educational opportunities across your district.

This 30-credit graduate program consists of 10 courses that focus on skills you will need going forward in the areas of supervision and education technology. Coursework is delivered in a hybrid format (online and in person) and has direct, real-world connections with what teachers are experiencing, or will experience, in their own classrooms. The typical length of time of this program is two years, however students can choose an accelerated option and complete in as little as one year.

Graduates of the M.S.Ed. in Supervisor of Educational Technology program have the opportunity to become leaders in the educational field, fill an existing gap within districts, and improve student outcomes. Examples of learning outcomes include:

  • Ability to lead districts to effectively integrate pedagogy and technology that transform learning opportunities for all students.
  • Provide expertise in the design, management, and evaluation of instructional technologies to develop effective and appropriate virtual/hybrid learning opportunities for all students.
  • Apply the design-thinking process to solve problems and create solutions for innovative digital learning environments for teachers and P-12 students.

The program is aligned with International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards and fulfills the New Jersey state educational requirements for Supervisor Certification.

Perfect for educators with and without teaching experience who are focused on progressing in their careers, the M.S.Ed. in Supervisor of Educational Technology program will allow you to specialize in an area of great opportunity within the educational field, as schools look to integrate technology in the classroom more frequently, and for leaders to support teachers’ technological pedagogy.

  • A mix of online, hybrid, and summer session courses allow you to prepare for new opportunities in education.
  • Personalized instruction with small class sizes giving you greater access to seasoned faculty.
  • Assignments are individually tailored to your own personal district needs.

Application deadlines for this program are May 1 for Summer, July 15 for Fall, and December 1 for Spring. View Program Application Requirements.

Program Director & Faculty

Vecihi S. Zambak

(732) 263-5762