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LPC Core Areas

The M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is designed to satisfy the educational requirements for admission to the counselor examination. It also satisfies the academic requirements of the State Board of Professional Counselor Examiners for Licensure as a Professional Counselor (LPC).

The educational requirements include 60 graduate semester hours in a planned program of study leading to a degree in counseling, 45 of which must be distributed in at least eight of the following nine areas*. Below are the nine core areas and examples of how courses in the M.S. program could be distributed across these areas.

Note: This is only an example. You are encouraged to work closely with your advisor.

  • Counseling Theory and Practice – PC 525 Counseling Theory and Techniques
  • The Helping Relationship – PC 516 Case Conceptualization
  • Human Growth and Development and Maladaptive Behavior – PC 512 Psychopathology, PC 515 Human Development Through the Lifespan
  • Lifestyle and Career Development – PC 570 Career Counseling
  • Group Dynamics, Processing, Counseling, and Consulting – PC 550 Group Counseling
  • Appraisal of Individuals – PC 506 Testing and Assessment in Counseling
  • Social and Cultural Foundations – PC 510 Community Mental Health, PC 519 Multicultural Counseling
  • Research and Evaluation – PC 601 Understanding Statistics in Counseling Research, PC 603 Research Methods in Counseling
  • The Counseling Profession – PC 505 Mental Health Counseling

* To meet the 45-credit requirement, students will take the 39 credits of required courses above, as well as 6 credits of elective courses in any of the nine core areas. Students are encouraged to work closely with their advisor.

LPC Licensure Requirements

After completing the M.S., students may apply to the state to seek licensure. The LAC (Licensed Associate Counselor) in New Jersey requires the passing of an examination and the required course work. After obtaining the LAC, you may apply for the LPC. The LPC requires supervised professional experience. Consult the NJ State web site for more specific information.