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European History Specialization

The MA Specialization in European History focuses on the development of European society, culture, and institutions—from its origins to the present. Students in this specialization take a look at the medieval and modern periods; they examine not only Europe’s historical role, but also its continuing economic, political, and global influence throughout the European Union.

Emphasis in European Courses include:

  • German Nationalism and State Formation
  • Modern German History
  • Russian and Soviet History
  • Central and Eastern European History
  • British National and Imperial History
  • Irish History
  • Classical and Medieval European History
  • Reformation and Renaissance History

Research Examples for the European History Specialization

  • The Holocaust and the Third Reich: Legal and Moral Considerations
  • Ireland and Scotland in Shaping Modern British History
  • The Reformation and the Longue Durée Cultural Impact
  • Communism and Popular Culture
  • Christianity in European History
  • World War One: The Military and Diplomatic History
  • Ideology and Intellectualism

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