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Graduate Partnership Agreements – MSU to MU

Montclair State University Partnership Agreement

Monmouth’s highly competitive Anthropology degree program will challenge you to learn, discover, and experience more than you ever thought possible. Montclair students who meet Monmouth’s admission and eligibility requirements have the opportunity to enter the graduate program with credit, reducing their time to completion.

Monmouth’s comprehensive, 30-credit Anthropology program is designed to teach students essential skills, such as methodological training, archaeological field methods, and cultural resources management, through immersive experiences in fieldwork and research. Our team of distinguished faculty are here to help you focus on your interests and customize your program through a combination of course and field work, research, and other options.


  • Opportunities to enter many programs with credit, reducing time to completion
  • Graduate Assistantship opportunities
  • Graduate Scholarships available for nearly all programs
  • An application fee waiver and admission requirement waivers by program
  • Monmouth offers scholarships to Montclair students with a 3.0 undergraduate GPA who are enrolled in 6 or more credits per semester

Explore Monmouth’s Programs:

Program Admission Requirements Curricular Notes
MA Anthropology No admission entrance test. Minimum requirement of 2.75 GPA. May transfer up to six graduate AN credits.

Primary Monmouth Contact

Kevin New

Graduate Admission Coordinator

Phone: 732-571-3452