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COVID-19 Update: University offices are open but being staffed remotely. Classes will be conducted remotely through the remainder of the semester.

General Education

Previous Courses: Spring 2017

Spring 2017: First Year Seminar Available Courses

Course Title Course Number Professor

From Our Classroom to Your Boardroom: Necessary Business Skills

FY-101-BM01 J. Buzza
C. DeStefano
Day and Time: TTH 10:05-11:25, 8:30-9:50


The purpose of this course is to examine various approaches on how to use your knowledge and maximize its application to college life, the outside world and your future at Monmouth University. We will utilize a series of tasks that must be performed well to insure the success of any student in an entrepreneurial setting.

Addiction in Popular Movies

FY-101-HE01 L. Jannone
Day and Time: MTH 10:05-11:25


This First Year Seminar introduces students to the history of addiction as portrayed in popular movies. Movies will be watched that portray different types of addiction starting with the Days of Wine and Roses made in 1962 and ending with Requiem for a Dream (2000) . Some documentaries will also be examined. Students will write papers and discuss the various types of addictions seen in the various movies. Also the personality of the addict will be explored in each movie. These movies will be used to help understand the theory of addiction. Legal and ethical concerns, as well as historical issues are examined. Treatment modalities will be explored.

Ethics in College and Beyond

FY-101-PL01 G. Gonzalez
Day and Time: TTH 4:30-5:50


This class will be an introduction to ethics with a particular focus on some of the most interesting and challenging ethical issues that confront a first year college student. We will use a case study approach to make abstract ethical theories more meaningful. The study of ethics that you do in this class will make you a more thoughtful and capable college student, and it will also prepare you for a more fulfilling life after you graduate.

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