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General Education

First Year Seminar – Learning Outcomes

All First Year Seminar courses at Monmouth University are required to include these seven Learning Outcomes. The professors may approach these goals in a variety of different ways, depending on the course topic and the types of assignments and activities they choose to use in teaching the course.

Learning Outcome 1: Critical Thinking
Students will demonstrate critical thinking as they actively engage in course material.

Learning Outcome 2: Information Literacy
Students will be able to seek out, evaluate and integrate information from multiple sources based on course topic.

Learning Outcome 3: Ethical Awareness [Course Topic]
Students will demonstrate awareness of ethical debates pertaining to the course topic.

Learning Outcome 4: Ethical Awareness [Academic Life]
Students will demonstrate awareness of ethical considerations of academic life.

Learning Outcome 5: Experience with College Resources
Students will articulate and evaluate their experience with college resources (such as but not necessarily limited to one academic and one non-academic resource).

Learning Outcome 6: Building Academic Skills
Students will demonstrate strategies for improving academic skills (such as but not necessarily limited to time management, stress management, and study skills).

Learning Outcome 7: Understanding Academic Culture of Higher Education
Students will demonstrate an understanding of academic culture and its norms, values, and practices, including the differences between college and high school intellectual activity and work.

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