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General Education

Previous Courses: Spring 2018

Spring 2018: First Year Seminar Available Courses

Course Title Course Number Professor

Ethics in College and Beyond

FY-101-RS01 G. Gonzalez
Course Code: FY-101-RS01
Day and Time: TTH 04:30PM 05:50PM
This class will be an introduction to ethics with a particular focus on some of the most interesting and challenging ethical issues that confront a first year college student. We will use a case study approach to make abstract ethical theories more meaningful. The study of ethics that you do in this class will make you a more thoughtful and capable college student, and it will also prepare you for a more fulfilling life after you graduate.

Peace Corps: Experience and Serve the World

FY-101-SW01 R. Mama
Course Code: FY-101-SO01
Day and Time: WF 10:05AM 11:25AM
Learn about the history and goals of the Peace Corps, the work of its volunteers around the world, and how to prepare yourself for global service. Taught by a former Peace Corps Volunteer, the course will focus on the historical, cultural, economic and political landscape of the Peace Corp. Students will explore their career goals and their understanding of culture, work on a semester-long community development project, research countries served by the Peace Corps, and interview a Peace Corps Volunteer. Students will also learn about the rich resources offered through Monmouth University’s comprehensive academic, social, and professional opportunities.

Playing in the Dirt

FY-101-SW01 R. Mama and G. Bonadonna
Course Code: FY-101-SW01
Day and Time: WF 10:05AM 11:25AM
This spring semester First Year Seminar course teaches gardening and food sustainability and how these are linked to communities worldwide. The seminar style course will be taught by an interdisciplinary team of faculty from the School of Social Work and the School of Science and includes a lecture/activity component in the School of Science greenhouse and the Monmouth University Community Garden. The course will expose students to all aspects of community gardening, from understanding soil preparation to harvesting vegetables. The course will also introduce the student to the University Community with special emphasis on resources, responsibilities and ethics. Lab Fee: The lab fee will be used to support the expenses in the greenhouse for the purchase of seeds and plants that the students will use in the garden.
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