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Cost and Financial Aid

Types of Financial Aid: Graduate

For 2018-19, graduate tuition is $1,187 per credit hour plus the comprehensive fee ($350 for 9 credits or more, and $175 for less than 9 credits). To help defray the expense of tuition, financial aid options are available specifically for graduate and post-graduate students at Monmouth. Those enrolled in a graduate degree or certificate program can pursue these types of financial aid:

Grants and scholarships require zero repayment and are usually based on prior academic achievement. Monmouth University’s Graduate Scholarship, for instance, provides assistance to students based on their undergraduate grade point average. Graduate students can also look into federal and alternative loans, all of which must be paid back (with interest) over time. Furthermore, there are many opportunities for students to work as research assistants – or perform other duties on campus – and receive a credit toward tuition.