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Cost and Financial Aid

Valerie E. Yahn Scholarship


Purpose: To provide an annual scholarship to a deserving New Jersey Burlington,

Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester or Salem County high school graduating senior

intending to pursue a nursing (BSN) degree at a college/university.

Award Components: An annual scholarship awarded to a student selected by the

Institute for Nursing (IFN) Scholarship Selection Committee.


 Applicant must have attended a New Jersey high school and have been a

New Jersey resident of one of the five counties above.

 Applicant must be a graduating high school senior in the year of the award.

 Completed application submitted by deadline of March 18th.

 Preference will be given to applicant who has never been awarded the

scholarship in the past.

Basis for Award: The Valerie E. Yahn Scholarship is awarded without regard to

race, gender, religion, age, or national origin. The Institute for Nursing

Scholarship Committee will give consideration to the following factors when

judging the applicants for the scholarship award:

 Academic Excellence: GPA from 2.5 to 4.0. Upper half of graduating high

school class. Determined through official transcript.

 Passion for Nursing: Demonstrated nursing commitment/ caring for others;

participation in civic, community, and/or volunteer activities. Determined

through written personal statement and application questions.

 Strength of Character: Positive and compassionate leader/ classmate with

demonstrated leadership qualities. Determined through two letters of

recommendation and application questions.

 Completeness, professionalism, legibility, and accuracy of information on the


Application Process: Applicant must submit the following items:

 Cover letter addressed to the IFN Scholarship Committee. The letter should

state purpose for submission and contain brief biographical (background)


 Completed application form (if handwritten, please print legibly).

 An official and recent high school transcript with cumulative grade point

average and class standing/rank.

 A written personal summary statement of no more than 250-300 words. In your

summary statement, please address why you decided to pursue a nursing (BSN)

degree and your plans after graduation.

 Two (2) letters of recommendation from choice of high school teachers,

administrators, counselors, employers, or individual with significant knowledge

of applicant’s experience, character, and involvement.

 Letter of acceptance from an accredited post-secondary institution with a

qualified nursing program- BSN

1. Download a copy of the application at, click on the IFN TAB.

If you download, type or print legibly. Illegible applications will be returned to


2. All applications must be completed and submitted by March 18th (no


3. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

4. If any question does not apply to you in this application, please put ‘N/A’ in the


5. If you have any questions about the application, please call the NJSNA office at

(888) 876-5762 (Sandy Kerr ext. 11).

Deadline: The application package must be completed and mailed with postmark

by February 15th. Applications postmarked after this date will not be considered.

Please mail completed application to:

Valerie E. Yahn Scholarship

The Institute for Nursing Scholarship Committee

1479 Pennington Road

Trenton, New Jersey 08618

NOTE: Scholarship funds will be awarded to the student upon evidence of

registration in an accredited post-secondary institution.

If you would like to receive an on-line version, please email Sandy Ker