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Cost and Financial Aid

Upakar Foundation Scholarship – The Indian American Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements:
To be eligible for an Upakar Foundation scholarship, you must meet all criteria:
• Either you or one parent was born in India
• Be either a U.S. citizen or a U.S. ‘Green Card’ holder (Permanent Resident)
• Be actively seeking enrollment in an undergraduate 4 year degree program at an accredited college or
University or a 2 year community college in the United States for the 2019-2020 academic year
• Have a 2018 Family Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) on the IRS form 1040 (line 7) of less than $90,000
• Have a cumulative non-weighted GPA over 3.6 (on a 4.0 scale)
• Be a graduating high school senior in 2019 and live in the United States

Selection Criteria:
Applicants are evaluated on all of the following criteria:
• Academic record
• Financial need
• Completed Application Package (incomplete applications will be disregarded, use as checklist)
1. Completed and signed Upakar Scholarship Application Form
2. 2 well written on-point essays (topics prompt in Scholarship Application Form)
3. Proof of Citizenship (United States and Indian)
4. High School transcript
5. Copy of the official SAT or ACT report
6. Letter of Recommendation
7. Financial information
§ Student Aid Report (SAR, generated from completing FASFA)
§ Tax returns (Required – 2018 1040 and Schedule 1), (If you or your parent own a
business, partnership or farm – 2018 Schedule C and/or Schedule E)

Application Package:
• Upakar Scholarship Application Form
o Please neatly print your information on the application in blue or black ink. Applications that
are illegible or incomplete will be disqualified.
o SAT / ACT test scores. Use your highest test scores.
o Sources of Funding. All external funding, not parental or personal contributions.
o Essays
§ Must be typed and have a word count at the end
§ Essays that do not answer the specific questions will be considered incomplete;
please take the time to answer them thoughtfully and completely
o Parental Income Section
§ Parental Adjusted Gross Income – will come from the IRS Form 1040 (Line 7) and
must be under $90,000
§ Parental Tax Liability – amount owed to the IRS (Form 1040, Line 11)
§ Earnings per Tax Return – generally from 1099 or W-2
§ Monthly Mortgage or Rental payment – family home rent or mortgage payment
o Self Employed Section
§ If your family owns all or part of a business, corporation, partnership or farm this
section needs to be filled out for each business your parents own.
o Signed application – must be signed by both a parent (or guardian) and the applicant to be

• Proof of Citizenship
o If you were born in the United States
§ Copy of your United States passport name page AND
§ Copy of parent’s passport name page (if not available, please send an explanation to with “No parent passport” as the header)
o If you were born in India
§ Copy of United States Permanent Resident card (“Green card”) OR
§ Copy of your United States passport name page
o Black out all passport numbers.
• High School Transcript
o Provide an official transcript from your current high school with the cumulative Grade point
average (GPA)
o Transcripts must have the name of your high school, your name and, whenever possible, date
of birth.
• SAT or ACT –
o Provide the official SAT or ACT reports that match the scores listed on the application.
• Letter of Recommendation
o Must be from a teacher or advisor. The letter must be current and may not be from a relative.
o As a courtesy, give at least 3 weeks to complete your recommendation
o The letter must stay confidential. Ask you recommender to return the recommendation letter
to you in a sealed envelope with their signature written across the seal. Submit the sealed
recommendation with your application.
• Financial Information Documentation
o All pages of your Student Aid Report (SAR) if you filed a Free Application for Federal
Student Aid (FAFSA,
o Tax returns
§ 2018 IRS form 1040
§ If you or your parents have a business, partnership, investment properties or farm
include all copies of 2018 IRS Schedule C and Schedule E (listed on IRS Schedule 1)

If the FAFSA or 2018 Tax Return was not filed, include:
1. Clear and concise explanation why FAFSA or 2018 Tax Return was
not filed
2. 2017 IRS form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ
3. 2017 and 2018 W-2 and 1099 forms
4. Also if you or your parents own a business, include all copies of 2017
IRS Schedule C and Schedule E

Postmark Deadline:
Application Packet must be mailed in one package that is postmarked on or before April 30, 2019.
Any items sent in the mail requiring a signature by the receiving party will not be accepted.
Incomplete applications will not be considered (missing information or documents).

Please review the
Selection Criteria on page 1 to ensure your package is complete.
Upakar Scholarship
9710 Traville Gateway Dr #398
Rockville, MD 20850

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