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Driven to Achieve More Contest

We all wake up each day, (hopefully) brush our teeth, and maybe take a look in the mirror and think: “why do I do what I do every day?” For some, it’s their passion for art or travel. For some, it’s the sweet reward of a new car. While for others it’s the angel-faced two-year old playing with a truck. Whatever it is, we all have things that keep us moving forward to achieve more – special, unique things that make us…well…us. We want to help share and celebrate the things that make YOU want to grow, learn, and achieve more. Share your story with us for a chance to win up to $500.

Participants are asked to submit a 3-5 minute video OR written 300-word story with an image. Videos and written stories will then be judged and 3 winners from each of our 3 categories (students, faculty, and administrators/staff) will be selected. All videos and written stories will be judged on their relevancy, authenticity, organization/coherence, creativity, and positivity.