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Cost and Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Office Additional Resources

Monmouth University’s Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office provides information specific to Monmouth University scholarship and grant programs, policies, forms, tuition and fees, etc. We even have a searchable database for private scholarships! For the most current information on scholarships, deadlines, events, etc., like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. General information about the University can be found on our consumer information page.

Federal Student Aid

Produced by the US Department of Education, the Federal Student Aid site is a wealth of information. On the site you will find information on the types of federal grants, scholarships, and loans that are available, comparing financial aid offers, personal finance
(budgeting), loan repayment and many other relevant topics.


The Higher Education Student Assistance Authority of New Jersey provides scholarships, grants, and loans to support NJ residents in their educational endeavors. This site contains additional information on the state financial aid programs, as well as loan
applications. Additionally, some students may need to provide additional information, beyond what was reported on the FAFSA, to determine their eligibility for state grant funds; students can do that here.


The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is a professional organization for financial aid counselors. The web site contains a section designed for students, parents, and school counselors, where you can find general information about the financial aid process, as well as cost savings measures and tax breaks for educational expenses.

Scholarship Search

We encourage students to do additional research to find scholarships offered by private corporations and foundations. Explore all your options! The following are free scholarship search engines and websites that we have found to be helpful:

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