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University Police

The Monmouth University Police Department protects and serves the members of the University community, as well as visitors to our campus. The department helps to ensure a safe environment throughout all areas of the campus.

University Police

What should I know about campus security?

Monmouth University has its own police department, which patrols the campus grounds and ensures the safety of the University community. The University police officers are highly trained and certified, just as the members of the police force are in your hometown. They are available 24 hours a day to handle problems or emergencies. The University Police can be reached at 732-571-4444.

Does the University Police Department sponsor safety programs for students?

The Police Department conducts programs each semester to increase awareness regarding issues of safety. These programs include: Operation ID—this program engraves a student’s personal property with the Student University ID number to help prevent theft and to assist in returning stolen or lost property; Fire Prevention and Escape Seminar—this program emphasizes fire safety techniques and also allows students to participate in a “Smoke Trailer” where students actually experience the blinding and disorienting effects of a fire as they evacuate the trailer; DWI discussions and Fatal Vision Driving course where students drive golf carts around a course while wearing goggles that simulate the effects of driving while intoxicated; “Surviving an Active Shooter” is a course given to the campus community suggesting ways to respond to an active shooter on campus; and campus crime prevention seminars. Information and requests for specific crime prevention programs, including “Surviving an Active Shooter,” can be obtained by calling the Chief’s office at 732-571-4444.

What can my student do to increase his or her safety on campus?

There are several ways that students can help keep themselves and their property safe while on campus. Among the things students can do: know the University Police Department’s phone number
(732-571-4444) in cases of emergencies; walk in well-lit areas; always lock their doors; know the location of emergency phones; engrave their valuables through participation in Operation ID; report suspicious persons or behavior; report thefts or attempted thefts immediately; and understand and comply with local and campus laws concerning the purchasing, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Students are also asked not to prop open doors, leave personal items unattended, or allow strangers into the residence halls.

Is there a safety escort on campus?

Yes. University Police will be happy to escort a student on campus. Students who wish to take advantage of this free service should call the University Police at 732-571-4444.

Does Monmouth University have an emergency communication system?

Yes. The University’s primary emergency notification system is the Regroup system. It enables students, faculty, and staff to have emergency alerts sent to any registered phone and/or e-mail account. Registration is free and can be accessed here.

All members of the Monmouth University community are highly encouraged to sign up for this valuable service and to remember to update their personal information if it changes.

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