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Commuting To The University

Commuter students are an important and vital part of the Monmouth University community, and every effort is made to ensure they have opportunities to fully participate in campus life.

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What services are available for commuter students?

Students who live off-campus and commute to Monmouth make up a significant segment of the University community. The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services (OCCS), located on the second floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center, provides guidance in helping off-campus and commuter students navigate the many services that are offered at Monmouth University. OCCS also provides resources that speak directly to the off-campus and commuter experience, and students are encouraged to visit the office when they have a question. The Internet and social media also play an important role today in the connection the office has with our off-campus and commuter students. A wide variety of information about commuting and living off-campus can be found online at the Commuter Center. Students are also encouraged to “like” the office’s Facebook page at Monmouth University Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services to receive regular updates.

Off-campus and commuter students are strongly encouraged to become active and engaged members of the Monmouth University community. Studies have shown that when students get involved at their college or university, they are happier, more successful, and more likely to graduate. Monmouth University provides students with a number of avenues to get involved. This could include joining any one of the 90 different clubs and organizations, getting a work-study job, attending campus events, sharing a meal with classmates, working out in the fitness center, or meeting with a professor. Off-campus and commuter students are also able to purchase meal plans, access the University Health Center, and seek assistance from the Center for Student Success (CSS) for any academic and career advising needs.

Approximately how many students commute?

Out of approximately 4,000 full-time undergraduate students, 2,000 students live in University-sponsored housing. The other approximately 2,000 students live in the surrounding communities with other Monmouth students, or commute from home.

Are there opportunities for commuter students to become involved on campus?

Please encourage your student to attend new student orientation and get involved in some type of activity on campus where he or she will have a chance to meet other people and develop a connection to the campus community. Research has found that students who get involved in a club, take an on-­campus work-study job, or participate in academic-related activities are more likely to be satisfied with their experience at Monmouth University.

Is there a commuter meal plan?

There are a number of meal plan options specially designed for the commuter student. Economical “meals plus” plans, as well as declining-balance plans, give our students flexibility and the convenience of an access card system.

For more information regarding these plans, we encourage you to contact our dining service office located in the Samuel Magill Commons at 732-222-1444 or, if you are on campus, at extension 2701.

What kind of public transportation is available?

The shore area is served by New Jersey Transit’s North Jersey Coast rail line. The University is fortunate to be situated close to two train stations. The Elberon station is located off Norwood Avenue, just south of the campus. The Long Branch station is located across from Monmouth Medical Center. The train stops in several cities on its way to Penn Station in New York. In Newark, connections can be made with other major rail lines and with PATH trains to lower Manhattan.

For travel arrangements call:

Local mass transit information and other resource information are available at the Office of Student Services, located on the second floor of the Student Center.

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