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Family Guide

Family Guide Welcome

This guide introduces you—the family member or guardian of a Monmouth University student—to Monmouth’s opportunities, options, programs, services, and requirements. Here you will find contact and calendar information, FERPA and FAFSA details, and much more. If you have questions, you will find many of the answers here as you help your student begin a successful academic journey. For more comprehensive information, please explore the Monmouth University Web site. Or, if you have specific questions, these can be answered by calling the Office of Student Life at 732-263-5218 or by sending an e-mail to:

Family Weekend

One of our primary objectives is to help students gain the confidence, experience, and skills necessary to become leaders as they meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. We believe families play a significant supporting role during the college experience. They do this by understanding the many choices the student will be confronted with, by being open to communication about these choices, and, ultimately, by supporting the student’s decisions.

As educators, the core of our philosophy is to empower students to make their own decisions and to be responsible for these decisions. This approach to student development enables us to say that Monmouth University is truly a place where leaders look forward.

Monmouth also understands the wealth of emotions and questions that you as a family member of a new student are feeling. You and your student are beginning a new experience, and you both, undoubtedly, have concerns and questions regarding this transition. We hope this guide will answer your questions and become an often referred-to resource of all that is available to you and your student.

New Student Orientation

All first-year students will attend a two-day/one-night new student orientation set to take place in July. Here, students experience a snapshot view of life as MU students: they meet faculty and advisors; register for their first semester; learn about academic, extracurricular, support, and social resources; and, perhaps most importantly, meet other first-year students. We need your help in stressing the importance of their participation in this program. Please check the New Student Orientation once you have logged into our Welcome Center for additional information.


Family Weekend

Parents and families of enrolled students are also invited to attend the 2016 Family Weekend from Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 2. Family Weekend is an opportunity to meet the members of the faculty and administration and to participate in special programs. A complete schedule for Family Weekend will be sent in August or early September.

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