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The Faculty Association of Monmouth University


Have You Joined FAMCO Yet?

Why should you join the Faculty Association of Monmouth University (FAMCO)? There are many perks and protections that membership offers:

  • protects faculty against arbitrary treatment
  • provides sympathetic help to a faculty member trying to address problems within the university
  • provides a unified voice, expressing faculty concerns and issues
  • supports academic collegiality and fellowship
  • provides series of “town meetings” on topics such as personnel actions and guidance through continuance, tenure, and promotion
  • addresses faculty concerns about working conditions, course assignments, discrimination, benefits, and modifications to SIRs
  • presents the annual Warncke Award to a member of the University community for his or her service
  • includes membership in the nationwide AAUP

Membership is open to all Full-Time Faculty (tenure track and non-tenure track). Dues will be deducted by payroll in 10 equal installments starting in November. You will also receive membership in the nationwide American Association of University Professors (AAUP), which has guided our local chapter in terms of dues payment. All members will pay the same 3/4 of 1% of base salary.

Faculty members who decide not to become members of FAMCO must pay one half the dues of FAMCO members, but they do not have voting rights.

Contact Johanna Foster at extension 5440 for more information. Please send your signed membership form to Johanna Foster, Department of Political Science and Sociology.

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