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Faces Of Monmouth

Faces Of Monmouth

Ryan Murphy

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Meet Ryan

Monmouth University’s commitment to personalized education gives
students the freedom and flexibility to map a path to their chosen career. When
Ryan Murphy ’14 realized he wanted to pursue a career in nursing, the
University had not yet launched its pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in
Nursing program. Yet, Ryan, with the help of his advisors and professors,
created his own way toward a healthcare profession.

Utilizing Monmouth’s versatile psychology program, Ryan was
able to leverage various resources to reach his goal, including student
organizations, study abroad opportunities, faculty mentoring, and undergraduate
research, to compile an impressive résumé.
In his senior year, Ryan co-founded and led the Monmouth University Street Team,
formed to bring the campus community together, to encourage the discussion of
big ideas, and to promote positivity.

Ryan’s effort, creativity, and positive outlook paid off—in Fall
2014, he entered Yale University’s Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing


West Milford, NJ

Faculty Member Influence

“Every one of my professors at Monmouth taught me a valuable
lesson about academia, professionalism, and life,” Ryan said. “Even though I
was a psychology major, Dr. Laura Kelly in the Department of Nursing went out
of her way to speak with me when I was curious about health-related professions.
Dr. Kelly introduced me to the field of advanced practice nursing, which really
sparked my interest.

“After taking her ‘Becoming a Home Health Aide’ course and
working alongside her as a peer learning assistant for three years, I decided
to pursue a career in nursing. 

“Because, at the time, Monmouth had no established
undergraduate nursing program, Dr. Kelly helped me discover direct entry and
bridge programs designed for students with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree.”

How Monmouth helped me achieve my goals

“Monmouth consistently challenged me to be a better student,
leader, and member of the community,” Ryan said. “Being in such an environment
gave me the necessary confidence to always work toward my personal and academic

“The faculty and staff on campus really care about their
students and always make an effort to support their success. It was the support
of Monmouth’s professionals and my peers that drove me to continue my
education. I am pursuing a career as an adult/geriatric acute care nurse
practitioner at Yale University.”

Organizations that helped me as a student

“Being involved in community service was a large part of my
Monmouth experience,” Ryan said. “Throughout my entire undergraduate career, I
worked with the First Year Service Project, a group focused on creating service
opportunities for first-year students on campus.

“Completing service at Monmouth not only allowed me to be
involved with the local community, but also introduced me to students and staff
who are now lifelong friends.

“I also had the opportunity to travel to both Guatemala and
Haiti to represent Monmouth on alternative break trips. During these trips,
groups of MU students and staff work together to complete service abroad,
connecting us with the global community.

“I was also part of a team of students and staff that
created the Monmouth University Street Team, or MUST, an organization that aims
to promote positivity and conversations about meaningful ideas.

“And though not necessarily an organization, being a student
in the Honors School was also an integral part of my success at Monmouth. The
Honors School administration constantly supported me in all aspects of my
career at Monmouth.”

Collaborations that I've been involved with

“As requirements for both the Department of Psychology and
the Honors School, I had to complete two theses,” Ryan said. “Working with both
Dr. Natalie Ciarocco and Dr. Gary Lewandowski during these processes enabled me
to learn about professional research in a hands-on environment. I now feel
prepared to complete future research, whether it is during graduate school or
my career.”

My favorite Monmouth memory

“It is impossible to boil down my Monmouth experience into one
favorite memory,” Ryan said. “Over those four years, Monmouth became a part of
what I considered home. From working with the New Student Orientation staff, to
interacting with the exotic animals at Six Flags Great Adventure Wild Safari
during my experiential education requirement, Monmouth always surprised me with
new and exciting opportunities. It is with a bittersweet smile that I start my
newest adventure as a Monmouth University alumnus.”

A photo of Ryan Murphy

Degree Program

BA Psychology

Class Year



West Milford, NJ

Favorite Activity

Founder of the Monmouth University Street Team, First Year Service Project, Alternative Spring Break