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Rachel Conners

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Meet Rachel

Whether it's serving as vice president of advocacy for the Residential Life Association or travelling to England for a semester abroad program and Guatemala as part of an alternative spring break trip, Rachel Conners '14-a psychology major-knows a Monmouth education isn't limited to the classroom.

Rachel spent four months in London studying communication and psychology, as well as traveling to five other European countries. She's also spent 11 days building a new school for poverty-stricken children in Guatemala. "Study abroad changes your perspective and overall outlook on life dramatically," she said. "To be able to fully immerse myself in different cultures was thrilling, freeing, and entirely unforgettable."

A native of Hyde Park, New York-two hours north of New York City-Rachel first learned about Monmouth when she received a personalized postcard in the mail. She then researched Monmouth online-particularly liking the hands-on learning opportunities and study abroad trips-and scheduled a visit. "I soon found out that Monmouth had an incredible location-warm, inviting, and comfortable campus," she said. "The campus is truly in a remarkable area-New York City is a short train ride away, and the beach is less than a mile down the street."

It's been a location that has served Rachel well as she nears her next goal-pursuing a master's degree in higher education administration and student affairs. "Through my various experiences at Monmouth, I've gained practical and marketable skills that make me a competitive candidate for jobs I may apply for in the future," Rachel said. "When I graduate, I will miss it dearly, but I know that I'm ready to strive for similar success in graduate school because of Monmouth."


Hyde Park, N.Y.

Faculty Member Influence

I've had the pleasure of personally connecting with numerous professors who helped me solidify my pursuit of a career in higher education as an administrator. Through speaking with my advisor, Michele Van Volkom, and having many-a-conversation before and after class or during office hours with professors, my goals and future plans have changed for the better. I am thankful for their attention and guidance, and I believe my academic success has hugely depended on Monmouth's personalized education model here.

Organizations that helped me as a student

Monmouth has presented me with more unbelievable and unique opportunities than I ever expected. I have not only become a savvy psychology student trained in experimental design and execution, but I've grown to be more articulate, organized, and professional. I never thought I would be able to say I have experience in supervising more than 200 students in a residence hall, or would select, train, and supervise a student staff for an entire summer for new student orientation. I've learned just as much outside of the classroom as I have inside.

My favorite Monmouth memory

Big events like Winter Ball and Springfest always stick out in my mind, and I will miss the time I've had with my friends. Spending days relaxing in the dining hall, on the residential quad, or at the beach are what make up my fondest memories. I've made such amazing friendships and relationships here that I wouldn't trade for the world.

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Degree Program

B.A. Psychology and Psychology